Welcome to Yeshiva Daze, my personal support group. This blog is about yeshiva days, any day spent in yeshiva is fair game, elementary, high school, bais medrash (college) Eretz Yisroel and even Lakewood.  If a particularly good story about camp comes up I’ll write about that too. I try to stay on topic here so you shouldn’t expect to be assaulted by all my craziness – only the craziness related to my school years.

I’m not here to entertain, I’m here rather to bore. Yeshiva life is very boring and that’s what you can expect from my yeshiva days; factual, boring accounts.

This site is not designed like a traditional blog, I do not update it on any schedule and the it is not being done in any kind of order. Therefore, I’ve attempted to de-emphasize the the order in which I wrote the stories and focus instead on the order in which they took place. As you click on each grade level over there –> you will see all the stories related to that grade with a general introduction that tells about the school I was in that year and who the terrible rebbi of the year was.