Two Guest Posts

I recently wrote two guest posts on other, worthier sites.

Been Busy

Been Busy

The first could hardly be called a guest post since the site is not a blog, it’s an online magazine, the stories on there aren’t blog posts they are essays and they are edited and polished by the able Shulem Deen; I am of course talking about Unpious. The story I wrote there, like everything I write when I write with a serious face is a truthful account of my first attendance at a rock concert. Since this story takes place post-kollelI didn’t publish it here. So without further ado I link to you the story From Hasid to Headbanger.

The second, more recent one was something that’s been on my mind for a while: people stopping in the middle of the street to give someone a ride. especially without warning. I don’t know what it is about it that bugs me out more than other bad driving behavior our wonderful community engages in regularly but nevertheless it does bug me out quite a bit. The letter, which I intercepted in the mail sums up the self-righteousness of the ride giver better than I could have ever done myself. So mosey on over to Frum Satire and read Lakewood isn’t what it used to be



What was your experience?

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