Change of Address

I don’t know why I ever started this blog on Blogger. I had experience with Blogger before I started this particular blog so I was aware of it’s severe limitations but the yetzer hora got the better of me and I did it.
You see I’m a very big Google user and a fan, I even wear a Google t-shirt! But Blogger cannot hold a candle to WordPress since the latter platform contains the combined power of the people.
Well, I don’t want to belabor the point so let’s just say that I’ve had charatah on the past and being that it’s Elul now and teshuvah comes easily I spent a few hours last night packing up all the boxes and moving.
I’m inviting you to visit us in our new home even though not all the boxes are unpacked yet and not all the furniture is in place and my wife would never want any visitors while the house is in this state, but I trust that you’ll be smart about it and pretend that your house is never any cleaner than ours currently is, you can say “OMG I don’t know how you do it, packing up and moving before Rosh Hashanah you’re amazing.” You’ll make everyone feel good, you’ll feel good, and you’ll have earned another mitzvah before the awesome yom hadin which is upon us.

Now some housekeeping:
If you were previously signed up for the RSS feed, you’ll want to click on this link in order to continue receiving posts in your RSS reader.
If you’ve been receiving posts by email you’ll have to visit the new site and sign up again. Email followers will see an improvement; WordPress emails out new posts immediately as they are posted rather than once a day.
Our Facebook page remains the same.
Announcement that bears repeating; I do not friend all my followers, please like the Facebook page and we can interact that way.
The new URL is

What was your experience?

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