Off Topic Guest Post

I aim to keep this blog on topic; I also aim to have a life and enjoy it. Thus, when I was recently invited to write a guest post on the wonderful blog Just My Very Humble Opinion, I took up the challenge.
The result of that effort can be found here.

The frum woman, unconfused yet not sure where to go next

I love that blog because the author, Chana Gittel, is in the same place I was for years; not believing in anything but being stuck living it, questioning it, doubting it, hating it, laughing at it, analyzing it like an outsider, like an anthropologist even though she’s an insider.
I love it because she came into blogging with both guns blazing, not waiting to feel her way around, ask questions, be apologetic for her views, for her lack of interest, for admitting that she’s not looking to be convinced that Judaism is the ultimate truth and provides timeless solutions for all problems. She came right out and said; I’m not interested in any of this but I’m stuck, just the way the community wants me to be.
I love it and I wish her luck in finding a way to live in or get out of the corn maze the community has built up around it’s members.

What was your experience?

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